Sergeant David (Davey) Alan Ruhren

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David Alan Ruhren was born on May 3rd, 1984 at Potomac Hospital in Woodbridge, VA. An only child, he graduated from Garfield Senior High School in June 2002. David was a bright student who participated in the county’s gifted program from 1st grade through his senior year. He was active in extracurricular activities—a wrestler, a football player, and yes, in 8th grade, even a cheerleader.

David was one of the first members of the ROTC Program when it was established at his high school, and he made Lieutenant by the first semester. He joined the Army National Guard at the age of 17. After Basic Training in the fall of 2002 at Fort Leonardwood, MO, David became an engineer and was stationed with the 229th Engineer Battalion in Fredericksburg, VA. During this time, he took classes to become an EMT at the Rock Hill Fire Dept in Stafford, VA. He often spoke of his aspirations to join the Stafford County Sheriff Department when his tour from Iraq ended.

In 2003, David heard a unit was in need of volunteers to to deploy to Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom. At 19 years of age David Alan Ruhren became a member of the 276th Engineer Battalion.

David’s greatest accomplishment in life is simply being David Alan Ruhren. A young man with a passion for life and all it held for him. A man with compassion for all living things and respect for all that came in his presence. A protector for all who couldn't protect themselves and a friend you could always count on. His smile, sense of humor and gentleness could always make a bad day seem so much better. He admired and loved his grandparents with every ounce of his soul and held all members of his family dear to his heart. David Alan Ruhren is a young man who never had to debate right from wrong and would always give more then he ever took. This amazing young man will always be a blessing and a gift to this Earth, but had more to offer and more things to do beyond than this planet could hold. His presence touched more souls then most will ever realize. He accomplished more in his short time than most adults ever will. His unconditional sense of self will forever be remembered, and his love forever missed. This is David Alan Ruhren.


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