Sergeant Joshua James Frazier

Photo Gallery: Joshua Frazier

Joshua James Frazier was born in his beloved community of Spotsylvania County on June 28, 1982. After graduating from Spotsylvania High School in 2000, he struggled to determine what came next in life. When terrorists attacked the country on September 11, 2001, Josh enlisted as a Marine and found his true calling.

Josh often visited Spotsylvania High School on his trips home. He encouraged at-risk students to stay in school and get an education.

After graduating Boot Camp in February 2003, Josh was deployed to Okinawa, Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Josh received several merit-based promotions in his time as a Marine, and was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor after saving lives in Iraq.

When his tour of duty ended in April 2006, Josh was determined to return to Iraq because, in his words, "the job was not finished." The thought of sending young men into combat with no experience broke his heart. Josh knew his knowledge and experience could make a difference in the fight. He lobbied for a second deployment, transferred battalions, and even extended his service in order to return to Iraq in September 2006. When he had the opportunity to return home from his second deployment to Iraq, Josh volunteered for another extension because his men did not have that choice.

Josh died on February 6, 2007 while serving in Iraq. His eagerness to help his fellow Marines exemplifies his personality. He was compassionate, caring, and willing to put the safety and wellbeing of others above his own. Josh was always the first to help his family and friends in a time of need. He was a strong man in body, will, spirit, and personality. He had a firm handshake, a warm smile, a hearty laugh, and a hug that gave the sense of protection. His only fear was that someone might get hurt when he had the ability to save them.

Josh was quiet about his kindheartedness. He did not boast when he helped a homeless man find a place to stay, or gave money to a young mother in need. It was only after he was gone that so many "Josh stories" were told about his compassion. It is Josh's benevolence that inspired his family and friends to continue his efforts.