Captain Shane Timothy Adcock

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Shane Timothy Adcock was born on Thursday, May 24, 1979, in DePaul Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia to Maris and Vera Adcock. He spent his early years growing up in the Tidewater area until the family moved to Mechanicville, VA in July 1992. Shane and his younger sister, Shannon, were close, being only 3 years apart in age. He always tried to look out for her, but they had their times of sibling rivalry. Shannon would “play Army” with Shane complete with helmets, guns and cammo. Shane always had an interest in the military. He could identify most, if not all, of the military jets and helicopters that he observed over Norfolk and Oceana Naval Air Station. Shane’s grandfather is a 30 year Navy veteran and was a strong influence in Shane’s military interest.

Shane was a Cub Scout, WEBLOS and earned the Arrow of Light, then went on to join Boy Scouts Troop 499 at Carrow Baptist Church, Virginia Beach. He earned the rank of First Class within the first year of being a Boy Scout. His goal was to be an Eagle Scout and to attend the Boy Scout National Jamboree at FT. A. P. Hill. After moving to Mechanicville in 1992, he became a member of BSA Troop 521 where he did earn his Eagle Scout award. With BSA Troop 521, he served in many staff leadership positions and on staff at the Councils’ Scout Day Camp. He also held the position of Order of the Arrow Chapter Chief of District 5. He was on the Heart of Virginia Council Buckskin Camp staff for two years before going to college. This is a special leadership program conducted for select youth from troops throughout the former “Robert E. Lee Boy Scout Council.” He attended the National Scout Jamboree twice, once as a scout and the second time as a Third Assistance Scoutmaster for a Jamboree Boy Scout Troop. His love of the outdoors was evident in the many campouts and summer camp experiences. Shane also attended BSA Sea Base in Florida, as an Assistant Scoutmaster alongside of his dad, Maris.

Shane was active in extracurricular activities with both church and school. He attended Atlee High School where he graduated in 1997. Decision time came as where to attend college. Shane loved the ladies and the feeling seemed to be mutual! It was off to Farmville, VA to study at Longwood University, where the ratio of women to men was 3:1. Like most students, Shane wasn’t sure what he wanted to study. He changed his major several times and eventually decided to study Communication. During Shane’s first few years his major seemed to be girls and socialization, which included his fraternity, Phi Kapa Tau. He was on the extended 6 year graduation plan. Mom and Dad had agreed to only a 4 year college plan.

Just prior to his last few years at Longwood University, he decided to join the Virginia National Guard in January 2001. Shane went to Army Basic in Ft Sill, OK in April 2001, where he graduated and went on to complete his training in the military occupation of field artery as an enlisted solder. He wanted to attend Basic, so that he would know what his enlisted soldiers had experienced and could better relate to them when he became an officer. He completed Basic and AIT and returned to Longwood where he signed his ROTC contract in August 2001. He did the SMP (Simultaneous Member Program) where he was a member of the Virginia National Guard attached to Sandston, Virginia and the ROTC at Longwood University. In May 2003, Shane graduated from Longwood University and accepted a commission to 2nd LT in the area of Field Artillery for the United States Army. He returned to Ft Sill, OK for Officer Basic training in the area of field artillery. Right after his graduation from OBC in December 2003, he drove back to Virginia to see Shannon graduate from James Madison University. In January 2004, he was headed for his first duty assignment— 25th Infantry Division, Schoffield Barracks, Hawaii.

Shane deployed to Afghanistan in March 2004 where he served for a total of 14 months. While there he served as a Fire Support Officer for the 2-27 Infantry Battalion of the 25th ID. He received his first Bronze Star while deployed on the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Shane continued his service in Afghanistan and was promoted to 1st LT. Upon returning to Afghanistan after his R&R, he was pulled up to HQ operation given a special assignment as the Fire Direction Officer, with the 3-7 Field Artery Division, at a newly developed Forward Operating Base.

During his 2 week R&R from Afghanistan in October 2004, he had to buy a Honda motorcycle while he was home. While home, there were several “Welcome Home” parties for him and at one party, he met his future wife, Jen and soul mate. Jen and Shane met and exchanged email addresses and he got her phone number. It didn’t matter that Shane had brought a different girl to the party; she was soon a distant memory. In December of 2004 Shane and Jen began conversing by email and phone.

In November 2005, Shane put his plan into motion. Jen, who was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, and had not been home for a number of Thanksgivings, agreed to come home and have Thanksgiving with her family and of course with Shane. Prior to Jen coming home, to the Big Island, Shane had flown over to talk with Jen’s parents. Being a Southern gentleman, he had to ask for their permission to marry Jen.

Shane’s parents made plans to come to the Big Island for Christmas to meet Jen’s parents and to start the wedding plans. The families discussed having the wedding after Jen graduated from Duke and Shane’s return from his upcoming year long deployment to Iraq. At Christmas 2005, Shane was adamant that he and Jen should marry before he deployed. He stated that he had all of his faculties and his limbs. He wanted to be able to walk down the aisle on his own. Shane only had a few requests concerning the wedding. He wanted to be in a suit, Jen in a traditional wedding dress and his family to be present. On June 4, 2006, the couple had a beautiful, intimate wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii, on the Kohala Coast. Shane and Jen did not have long together. Two weeks later Jen returned to school and Shane was sent to Ft. Sill, OK for special training to enable him to be qualified to request direct air support from the US Air Force without going through the Air Force Spotters. He was one of only about 300 Army soldiers throughout the Army, who had received this training.

Shane completed the training and went back to Hawaii to finish preparing for the upcoming Iraqi deployment. Shane was promoted to Captain on May 1, 2006 before the deployment. In June 2006, Shane was hand selected for a special MITT unit upon deployment to Iraq. Like many parents, they were concerned about Shane deploying to Iraq in July 2006 ahead of the main body of the 25th Infantry Division. Vera wanted to see her firstborn child again before he deployed. She told Maris that it was something that she had to do and she wanted him to go too. So Maris and Vera made their third trip to Hawaii in less than a year, but they didn’t know that it would be the last time they’d see Shane alive.

Shane’s sister, Shannon was pregnant with twins and the pregnancy had had its challenges. Shannon was hospitalized earlier than expected to reduce the risk to the babies. Shane called his sister from Iraqi to wish her well. When his mom told him that Shannon was saying that cell phone shouldn’t be on in the hospital, Shane replied, “My sister is going to give birth to twins and I’m stuck in friggin’ Iraq. I’m talking to her”. After the babies were born, pictures were immediately emailed to Shane so he could see his nephews. He talked to Shannon and to Vera a few times after the birth of the twins, on October 6, 2006.

Shane had been a Christian for many years, but as he had gotten older; he’d become closer to the Lord. For his 27th birthday, he had requested an Archeological Bible, since he’d be in the part of the world where so much Biblical history was written. Shane viewed the “God Spoke“, video from Grove Avenue Baptist Church, just prior to his last mission. The service touched him so much that he called the church office and left a message for Dr. Mark Becton to send additional copies of the service so his soldiers could view it.

October 11, 2006, Shane and his unit had been on a mission and were returning when a hand thrown explosive device capable of penetrating heavy armor hit the Humvee and killed Captain Shane T. Adcock. Nothing was more devastating to the entire family than to have two Army officers at the door at 10:00 p.m. the evening of October 11, 2006.

Captain Shane Timothy Adcock was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery on October 27, 2006. Captain Shane T. Adcock’s, service awards include the following;

Bronze Star Medal, 2, Posthumous Purple Heart, Posthumous Army Achievement Medal National Defense Service Medal Afghanistan Campaign MedalIraq Campaign Medal Global War Terrorism Expeditionary Medal Global War on Terrorism Service MedalArmy Service RibbonOverseas Service RibbonCombat Action Badge

Shane had told his parents that he thought Ronald Regan’s funeral was awesome with the casion, so the family knew Shane would have thought the procession was special and especially since the Patriot Guard on their bikes were also present. While his body rests with the other heroes, who knew they were doing the right thing, protecting the lives and freedoms at home in the USA, his spirit lives on.